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Leavey Center

Register Feb 1, 2020

Bronco Volleyball Camp *Registration Feb 1, 2020*

Bronco Volleyball Camp is focused on training and developing young athletes in the game of volleyball. We strive to provide a fun and positive experience while attending our camps as well as giving training and instruction to further enhance volleyball skills. 

2020 Bronco Volleyball Camps

July 6-9:      ALL SKILLS CAMP I
July 10:       Serving Clinic
July 11-12:    First Contact Clinic
July 11-12:  Advanced Setters Clinic 
July 13-16:  All Skills Camp II 
July 13-16:  Setter/Hitter Clinic 
July 17-19:  Overnight Camp


** All camps and clinics are open to any and all entrants limited by age and grade which can be found in the specific camp pages** 

** Employee discounts are available for certain camps**


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Anna McCreadie

Camp Director

Phone: (425) 802-0162